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Kimberly is a former Californian who later moved to Oklahoma where she met and married her husband, George.  They reside in Edmond, Oklahoma and have two beautiful daughters, Savana Latimore and Tracey Latimore Kenworthy.  Kimberly worked at an insurance company for several years before deciding to do something different with her life.  Her home life drastically changed  when her husband became disabled from the United States Army.  Kimberly knew that she had to make a few minor adjustments and then nervously went back to school to start a new chapter in her life. 

Throughout Kimberly's childhood, she was considered quiet and shy.  But somehow her mouth seemed to always get her into trouble, especially with her parents.  After graduating high school, Kimberly  was  uncertain  about  her plans for college.  Instead, she went into the workforce and stayed there longer than she had planned.  Kimberly kept saying, "I'll go back to school someday,"  while family and friends nodded their heads in disbelief. 

Now, here we are at another chapter in Kimberly's life.  Through the inspiration of Professor Kristin Hahn, she pursued her studies in English. Kimberly later graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. 

One of Kimberly's  favorite things other than spending time with her family and friends or writing fiction is her love for travel. She has traveled through many different states which  has allowed her to concentrate on her real passion, WRITING. 


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